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Barb Brady

You've found the accountant you're looking for,

and she's nothing like you thought

I’ve been told I’m like fire and water. I’m grateful and nice, but I’m also intense and a high achiever when it comes to the work. I’m a bulldog when helping others, and that includes my clients!

If day-to-day numbers is not your strength and dream, you’re in the right place. Small Businesses Accounting is my specialty.

Some clients need help sorting through stacks of information and making accounting sense of it. Others need help understanding the numbers and looking at the big picture. My goal is to help you through your accounting obstacles so you can have an accounting system that helps you run your business better.

You. Your Business. Your Money.

Decrease Dread

Business owners have told me they are having sleepless nights wondering where their money went. I’ve also been told they went to a bank for a loan and are left scrambling for a better accounting system.

I hear all the time: “I HATE math” and “I HATE accounting”.

But … even though they need accounting, they also think of it as a dreaded / annoying part of business. That’s where I come in: to help get you information & decrease dread.

Your call is returned

A buzz phrase from outsourcing firms: “I partner with you”.  That’s nice, but I understand it’s your business – you have the financial upside / downside. I do believe, however, I can be of great help.

I hear “I want them to call me back quicker”.

I have years of experience and two qualities my clients like: I care and develop relationships with my clients & I return client calls within a day. 

Focus on parts you love

Business owners have also told me Accounting was put on the back burner and now there are problems. Other times the issue: Accounting took on a life of its own and they are overwhelmed.

I hear: “I just want it fixed so I can get back to what I was doing”.

They want Accounting “fixed” … but they really want to focus on other parts of their business. I work to keep you on top of your numbers – yet free you up to work on the parts you love.  

Here's How I Can Help You


Accounting Clean-up

This is for you if you’re overwhelmed:
accounting is behind, you need it current,
and … it’s just confusing.
  • Get your books up-to-date
  • Review your current accounting software to make it work better
  • Introduce tools to reduce frustration. Let’s find the right digital tools.
Accounting monthly reminder image

Monthly Accounting

This is for you if you need consistent help. We can do a portion (guide your bookkeeper)
or we can do it all.
  • Get info into accounting software efficiently; Create an on-going system
  • Pull information together and
    ‘Close’ your books at month-end
  • Prepare financial statements


This is for you if you want to better use the power of accounting. I’ll help you walk through your numbers to understand & plan.
  • Help you understand your numbers so you can make the right decisions
  • Prepare “what-if” analysis to help you plan
  • Prepare special reports and work with your selected tax CPA for year-end tax filings


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