Entrepreneurs need help with cell phone spam? Things to do Today!

Cell Phone Spam

Another Spam Call / Text

We may finally think we have a “good” week . . . the spam calls / texts are gone for a while.  But no!  They soon start up again and we ask: “How can we make this better . . . is there a way?”


The spammers are getting better and more sophisticated.  They are tricky.  They can make the incoming phone numbers look like they are coming from our local area. They step up temptation and send texts that say “Click the link in this text for important information for the delivery that is coming tomorrow” or “Click the link for a gift card earned from your most recent order”.


They even say in a phone message that all we need to do is call back and press “#1 for STOP” or reply to their text with the word “STOP“.

But they don’t want to be gone.  Instead, if we respond, we will be giving them evidence that they found a real number.

iPhone IOS 13

Today, let’s talk about how the iPhone can help . . . at least a little.  We can adjust our settings so that if:

  • We get a phone call from a number that is NOT in our contacts, our phone won’t ring – the call will go straight to voice mail
  • We get a spam text, we can block the number

Spam Phone Calls

Let’s adapt the settings to block spam phone calls.


First, we need to make sure we have the most recent update for the iPhone.  Then let’s change the settings:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Scroll down to “Phone”
  3. Scroll down to “Silence Unknown Callers” and turn it on



We may need to turn this setting off at times if we are expecting a call from a phone number outside our contact list.  For example:

  • from our doctor’s office which may use a variety of special numbers for outgoing calls
  • from the school who also may use different outgoing numbers
  • from a delivery person who calls from a special phone 30 minutes before they arrive

Spam Text Messages

Now, let’s block some spam text messages.  For texts, we have to block each individual number.


  1. Open the individual text message that is spam
  2. At the top of the phone screen, tap on the phone number
  3. Tap the “info” icon
  4. A screen appears with information. Tap the arrow next to the phone icon
    • Make sure not to tap the phone icon or we will call the spam number!
  5. Scroll down and chose “Block this Caller”


Let’s hope the iPhone has future updates that gives us a general setting to globally filter text messages like it does for calls!

P.S. Individually Block a Phone Call Number

We just blocked a specific spam phone number that came through text, but we can also block a specific spam phone number that comes through a call:

  1. Tap the phone icon and then tap “Recents”
  2. Click the “i” next to the name
  3. Scroll down and tap “Block this Caller”.

But . . . What if we change our mind?

We can change our mind . . . No Problem.  Just as we blocked a number, we can unblock the number:

Settings – Get to the Blocked List

  1. Got to “Settings”
  2. Scroll down to “Phone”
  3. Scroll down to “Blocked Contacts”

Settings – Choice

  1. Tap “Edit” on the top right of the screen and we can delete any number from the Blocked List OR
  2. Tap on the number and “Create New Contact” which will add it to our Contact List AND Unblock the number.

One step at a time . . .  decrease spam!

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