Going Digital & Systems

Accounting without the frustration!

Monthly accounting and knowing your numbers is important. But, to simplify accounting and increase efficiency, you need systems that work together to decrease struggles.  Going digital is great (and I love technology), but you need a plan. I help you with processes and procedures, tools, and software so you can use technology in a way you connect with.

Work Remotely

To be efficient & less frustrated, you need access to information ...

Easy access

I can set you up to work with QuickBooks Desktop remotely.

Yes, you can pull up your current file from the office and from home.

Other Software

Information overload. We have a mass amount of information to sort through ...

Decrease Chaos

I can give you ideas to become more efficient and less overwhelmed. There are great software tools available.

The right software can help with information overload.


Finding info when you need it is sometimes impossible with paper, but we can help ...

Cool Tools

There are tools and methods to help you decrease the paper stacks ... one step at a time. Sometimes a paper copy is needed, but many times a digital copy is fine. Digital copies help decrease the mess of keeping all that paper.


If you are ' re-creating the wheel ' every month when processing accounting info ...

Less Struggles

There are ways to increase efficiency and decrease struggles. Processes and procedures also help protect you if someone is sick or quits.
Some ideas: short-cuts in QuickBooks, procedures for monthly accounting, etc.

Accounting does not have to be a headache every month

But to simplify accounting and increase efficiency, you need a plan you connect with.