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Barb Brady, CPA, MBA

Accountant for Small Businesses

I’ve always liked accounting, but my journey has some twists and turns.

I started in a large CPA firm and then a large corporation. I felt I contributed and I also felt I learned.  But … I also learned I was more personable than the other accountants.  This was Good news / Bad news.

Bad news: I didn’t fit the corporate mold; some didn’t “get” that an accountant could be super serious and focused yet still be personable. Good news: I could talk ‘non-techy’ language to my colleagues.

Ultimately … I realized I needed to make a change (although, it took me years to figure that out)!

I now know who I am and what I’m passionate about: being the accountant that is a high achiever and focused … yet is personable and can explain things to you in terms you can understand — with information you can use.

At the core, I believe in . . .


Do the right thing . . .

I set high standards and live with intent. I listen and talk with clients, not to them. I value treating people with respect.


I am thankful . . .

I am a high achiever. But the value I also strive for: slow down to “enjoy the ride” — be grateful now!


I believe in purpose . . .

I live and work with purpose. I strive to make an impact, be relationship driven, and “make someone’s day”.

Trail Blazing

I stay focused . . .

Bull Dog. If I say I am going to do something, I stick to it. I like to blaze trails – take on challenges.

On the business side ...

I have 25+ years accounting experience – ranging from
work at a large CPA firm to a corporation to small businesses.



I’ve spent years learning and I still love it

  • CPA (continue to research/learn software and business throughout the year)
  • Masters of Business Administration (concentration Accounting)
  • Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Roll up my sleeves

I’ve also “rolled up my sleeves” and . . .

  • Dug in detail to perform accounting tasks
  • Worked through “messy” works of previous accountants and non-accountants
  • Worked with many different software packages and different types of businesses


As a Controller/CFO, I’ve . . .

  • Managed accounting departments
  • Performed high level analysis like strategic planning and forecasting
  • Worked with many non-accountants and can explain techy info in a non-techy way

On the personal side . . .

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I need to be . . .


Some say they “like” to be organized. For me, I “need” to be organized. It helps me track the mass amount of information I have in business, but it’s beyond that-it is calming.


My blessing . . .


I love family and my husband is a blessing. I am also a grateful parent who loves hearing my college boy play jazz and adores that my college girl still likes talking a lot with me.


I like to ...


I like learning about technology and I like playing with my website.

Oh, I like flavored coffee and I’m learning to like exercising.


And the most important . . .


I believe in purpose and I work daily to focus on this.

And most importantly, I believe in Romans 8:28.


Pricing and what I strive for

When we first start working together, it may take a little time to figure out “what is going on”. This is especially true if you are behind and your books need clean-up.  But as we continue to work together, I strive to use fixed fees — I am trying to give my clients peace of mind by knowing what the monthly fee is going to be so there are no surprise invoices.

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