Accounting Services

Our relationship and what we can do together

My specialty is small business accounting.  You may need someone to handle the higher level bookkeeping or you may already have a bookkeeper and you need someone to provide you with double-checks or advising. My focus is to build a relationship throughout the year so you feel you have a trusted advisor.

Monthly Accounting

Higher level bookkeeping. We do it for you.
This works if you don’t have a bookkeeper.

  • Clean up & set up (if needed)
  • Pull information together to close your books at month-end
  • Prepare financial statements


Consulting. Strategic Planning.
This works if you already have a bookkeeper.

  • Work with your bookkeeper to offer more security through double checks
  • Help you work through business decisions
  • Talk with you about your numbers

Going Digital & Systems

Developing Accounting Systems.
Accounting without the frustration!

  • Set you up to work remotely
  • Create shortcuts for you to follow every month
  • Organize your monthly accounting & create procedures to follow
By the way, I don't do taxes!

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