Monthly Accounting

Accounting . . . We Do It For You!

Many times small businesses associate accounting only with  having their taxes done at year-end.  But monthly accounting helps you have meaningful and timely information – which is  critical to making better decisions.  I work with you throughout the year to help get you that timely information.


Downloading and Installing QuickBooks is pretty straight forward, but ...

Accounting Simpler

The key to working well in QuickBooks is the set-up.
My intent is to make accounting simpler and less frustrating, and this starts with having a good behind-the-scenes configuration.


If your records are behind (maybe a few months or over a year) ...

Less Worry

Once behind, you may be concerned about making informed decisions ... or worry your taxes are delayed and the IRS will start adding penalties ... or worry about current financials for loan applications. I have accounting clean-up experience.

Upfront Tips

Before we dive in to QuickBooks, you may have concerns or questions ...


I can explain some “basics of accounting” to help you. I can also answer questions and walk you through some key reports.

Basic tips can make a difference -- to decrease frustration with accounting.

Monthly Accounting

Monthly accounting gives you meaningful info, but if you don’t like accounting ...

Get Info

Accounting may seem overwhelming. But I can help “close the books” each month. Closing the books brings information together so you can get financial statements. Services: bank and credit card reconciliations, loan and asset entries, payroll entries, etc.

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It’s important we work as a team

To get started, it’s important we discuss upfront not only the accounting help you need, but also talk about how involved you want to be monthly.

We also need to discuss how you want to communicate? Throughout the month, it is usually more efficient to communicate via phone, text, or email. But sometimes on-site meetings may be better.

Accounting Purpose: to keep a pulse on your business

Getting monthly information helps you keep a pulse on your business to enable you to make better decisions.