Monthly Accounting

Timely Accounting Info - Make Right Decisions

Many times small businesses associate accounting only with  having their taxes done at year-end.  But monthly accounting helps you have meaningful and timely information – which is  critical to making the right decisions. I’ve had potential clients come to me and say they would have done something differently if they would have had information sooner. I work with you throughout the year — you can outsource a portion or all the accounting.

Get Info into software

Accounting gives you meaningful info, but if you don’t like accounting

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Good Systems Simplify

Accounting may equal a headache to you. If you are overwhelmed with scattered financial information, we can create a system to simplify getting info into QuickBooks - we don't need to 're-create the wheel' every month.

Ongoing procedures can help decrease struggles ... and you'll be happy you have these if someone is sick or quits.

'Close' Monthly

Getting information entered in the software is just the beginning

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Double-checks are key!

Then, the month-end activities need to be done. One important activity is bank and credit card reconciliations--so you can double-check you recorded ALL transactions. Plus there's more work like recording depreciation and loan interest.

The list goes on, but the GOAL is to get you complete information. We help with month-end closing.

Prepare Reports

This is where we want to get to: what you need to make the right decisions

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Financial Statements

The Income Statement & Balance Sheet are two important pieces of 'financial statements'. This is often the first thing your tax CPA or the bank asks for.

BUT these reports are key to YOU running your business. Don't wait until the year-end tax process to take care of problems. I work with you monthly to prepare these reports.

Accounting Purpose: to keep a pulse on your business

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Many entrepreneurs relate accounting to taxes.  But that’s only part of the purpose.
Getting timely information (at least monthly) helps you keep a pulse on your business.

I am a CPA who is also a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. My specialty is small business Accounting.