CFO / Controller

Know Your Numbers - The Power of Accounting

Many times I talk to clients and say “I was a Controller”.  And they say “What?” If I say Chief Financial Officer (CFO), they may recognize that better. The point: I have the experience (from running accounting departments to preparing financial reports and working through strategic plans) to help. I believe helping you understand your numbers helps you make the right decisions.

Know your numbers

Understanding Revenue & Expenses is powerful, but can be daunting

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Start with Understanding

Daunting? Yes. But understanding your numbers helps you make the right decisions. Understanding the Past helps you plan for the future.

I can walk through your financial statements with you. 'Numbers don't lie' and can actually give you direction.

Brainstorm: 'What if'

Once we have the past data, we can create a “What-if” Analysis

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Accounting Power

This analysis empowers you to better strategize. And it doesn't have to be horrible for you.

I have spent years doing these type of excel spreadsheets and I can do the heavy lifting to make this process user friendly. We can look at hypothetical scenarios. For example: “what-if” you add a certain type of revenue, what do we predict as related costs.

Get helpful reports

Reports to help you have info at your fingertips, reports for taxes, and

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A Plan

Once you have an accounting system that runs smoothly and you know your numbers, what is next? As you strategic plan, you may want to receive special reports easily.

I can also help prepare documents for your tax CPA and assist with gathering info and communicating with: bankers, attorneys, insurance agents vendors, etc.

Knowledge is powerful

My goal: to help you understand your numbers so you can have
better information as you make plans to grow your business.