CFO / Controller

Help You Know Your Numbers & Plan

Many times I talk to clients and say “I was a Controller at … firm”.  And they say “What?” If I say Chief Financial Officer (CFO), they may have heard of that title.  I have ran accounting areas, prepared financial reports, and helped prepare strategic plans.  I bring that accounting experience to your small business through part-time service.  I can help you understand your numbers and plan.

Past: Understand

Analyzing past revenue & expense trends can help increase your knowledge ...

Start with Understanding

Understanding the Past , in turn, helps you plan for the future.

I can analyze information for you and then meet with you to review and walk through the information.

Future: ' What if '

Once we have the past data, we can create a “What-if” Analysis ...

Accounting Power

This analysis empowers you to better strategize. Let's look at hypothetical business scenarios. For example: “what-if” revenue increases, then let’s predict related costs.

And I use my experience to make it user friendly.

Ongoing: Budget

This brings us to the powerful tool of budgeting and forecasting ...

A Plan

We first use accounting to track information and monitor your business. Then once we have historical data, we can perform “What-if” analysis.

Now we can budget and forecast — create a solid plan for your business.

Sounding Board

Owning your own business is great, but when it is stressful & chaotic ...


I can be your sounding board to help you review your numbers as you make business decisions.
I can also help prepare documents for your tax CPA and assist with gathering info and communicating with: bankers, attorneys, insurance agents vendors, etc.

Knowledge is powerful

My goal: to help you understand your numbers and decrease accounting headaches … to simplify accounting.