Accounting Clean-up

Getting Accounting Caught up is Possible

I hear this a lot: “Everyone is not a numbers person”. So, I get it … accounting records may get behind. I’ve seen businesses have missing information going back months – maybe over a year.  But, even though it’s not fun to think about, it really needs to be fixed. The good news: I’ve seen this before and have experience getting records caught up. My focus is not to judge, but get it working and get to the point where we can not only work through tough times but work together and laugh in good times.

Get Current

If your records are behind (maybe a few months or over a year)

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Less Worry

Once behind, you may be concerned about making informed decisions ... or worry your taxes are delayed and the IRS will start adding penalties ... or worry about having current financials for loan apps.

I have worked through this before. Let's get your books cleaned-up.

Have Software work better

If your accounting software works (kind of), but you're having problems

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Software that makes sense

I tell clients and colleagues 'It's all in the set-up' -- that's the key to working well in QuickBooks.

For me to make accounting software less frustrating, it starts with a good behind-the-scenes configuration.

And once it is configured better . . . basic tips can make a big difference!

Go Digital

If you think accounting causes the dreaded paper overload

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Cool Tools

Tools can help. Yes, there is hope for information overload.

Finding info when you need it is sometimes impossible with paper, but there are tools and methods to help you decrease the paper stacks. (Plus there are other ideas to help like setting you up to work remotely -- yes, even with QB Desktop).

If you are behind and trying to sort through issues

Just know that Accounting can get better and you can get to the point where
you have objective – helpful – information about your business.