Entrepreneur Idea: Be Creative with Business Stickers. Review #2.

business stickers saying brand

Stickers … one more try?

As entrepreneurs, we market our business.  As I am in the middle of rebranding, I am brainstorming additional creative ways to market and business stickers come to mind.

There are many ways to use stickers: we can put them on our laptop, we can add them to items we mail or swag we give away, we can add them to notebooks we use, etc.

It sounds easy, but in the last blog as I checked out a sticker website, the experience was more time consuming and frustrating than I had anticipated. So, I thought I would try another sticker web store.  I am moving on to Sticker Mule.

Navigating the website is easy

To begin, their website is easy to navigate and not cluttered. That is significant since the website I went to in the first review was confusing.

The home page has big buttons for different items — so there is no guessing of what to do.  There are also quick intro videos on the various pages.

In addition, there is a big button at the top for Samples which allows us to create a small order if we want to test out the company.

Business Stickers – Lingo to know

Here is some lingo to know for this website.

How do we want our logo cut?

  • Circle Stickers, Rectangle stickers, etc.  We can just look at the images and choose a shape to place our logo on.
  • Die-cut. We can choose to have the sticker cut to the shape of our logo.

Transparent Background?

The lingo is straight forward. There are big buttons to click as we choose items from stickers to magnets.

If we are wavering between custom stickers with a solid background or clear stickers that are transparent, we can check out quick videos on the clear stickers page. It shows what a transparent sticker looks like on a laptop.

What image formats can we use?

FAQ’s  that are helpful

Are the stickers removable or permanent?

After reading the FAQ’s, I wasn’t sure of the answer. So, I emailed Sticker Mule: “If I put a sticker on a laptop can I ever take it off?  I read that all stickers are permanent. ”

I was pleasantly surprised that they answered quickly: “The ‘permanence’ of our sticker adhesive refers to how strong it is, and while our stickers are very strong, they can absolutely be removed. The longer they’re left on, the more likely it is they will leave a slight residue when removed, however this can easily be gently rubbed away.”

Are the stickers dishwasher and microwave safe?

In their email response they added: “All of our stickers are printed on premium vinyl with a permanent adhesive and matte finish. They are coated with a protective laminate that makes them resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, and water. They can even be safely run through a dishwasher. ”

I later emailed them about microwave safe since the website does not address this.  Their response:  “We don’t recommend microwaving our stickers.” So, we may not want to put their stickers on mugs.

Create an order

We can purchase a sample order to check out the quality of some business stickers.


  1. From the front page, click Get Samples.
  2. Continue and click a specific item such as Clear Sticker Samples.
  3. Click Order 10 clear stickers for $9.
  4. Upload our image file.
  5. Continue through their wizard and checkout.  That’s it.
    • They show the estimate arrival date before we click to order and again after we pay!

Thoughts …

The good:

  • The website is easy to navigate.
  • This site has a variety of sticker options plus magnets, buttons, and more.
  • They offer a sample order with reduced quantity if we want to start small.
  • They allow a wide variety of image file formats.
  • When I emailed the company, they answered quickly.
  • They offer FREE shipping and 4 day turnaround. As we check out, they detail what this means (for example: 4 day production + 5 day shipping).
  • They have products with great qualities like writable, removable, waterproof, weatherproof, and dishwasher safe.
  • Once we order, they send us a proof to review. I received mine within a couple hours.
  • Amazing. I ordered 9/21, was supposed to get by 10/1. I got 9/26!
  • At this point, there are so many pros, Sticker Mule will be my “go to” sticker store.

The cons:

  • The Pros far out-weight the Cons.
  • It would have been nice if they would have a page to quickly explain the difference between stickers and labels.
    • The FAQs state the labels, buttons, and magnets are writable (not stated on sticker FAQ).
    • The FAQ’s state that labels can withstand exposure to cold temperatures like a refrigerator (not stated on sticker FAQ).
    • After digging I found a page that states labels are made with a thinner material.
  • Not Microwave safe.  But this may not matter if we order printed mugs from another business instead of putting stickers on mugs.
  • Have a quick Question? There is no phone number listed; we need to email.
  • Laptop. A FAQ addresses “laptop stickers”, but I don’t see this sticker type on the home page. Are they just clear stickers?

P.S. If you decide to try it out, here is a $10 coupon on your first order.

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