iPhone iOS 14 – You got to see this!

iPhone IOS 14

Some of my Favorites!

If you have an iPhone and recently updated to IOS 14, this post is for you.  There are many new features, but today I am going to highlight some of my favorites.  Favorites!  Some I have been waiting for . . . and some surprised me and are … well … great. This is probably the most excited I have been about  an IOS update!

Quick & Easy: Double Tap

What is Double Tap?

How can I take a screen shot quickly — ok I know, but sometimes I forget.

Or, better yet: How can I turn off the volume of my phone without reaching for the side button. Sometimes this is annoying.

To the rescue: Double Tap.  We can create a shortcut that will allow us to tap the back of our phone to implement the shortcut.


  1. Press Settings
  2. Search box (at the top of the screen): type in Back tap
  3. Press Touch
  4. Scroll down and press Back Tap
  5. Choose what you want:  double tap or triple tap.  It’s your preference.
  6. There you go.  Look through the choices and choose what will happen when you tap!


WOW !!

Get Ready: Widgets & Shortcuts!

First, let’s tweak a setting so we can have a little better experience.

  1. Press Settings
  2. Search: Reduce Motion
  3. Press Reduce Motion
  4. Turn this setting on
  5. This should help our experience be a little smoother when we open widgets and shortcuts.
    • But note:  my husband did NOT like this “better experience”.  So take a look and try it both ways and see what you like.

P.S. While on this screen we may want to turn off Auto-Play Video Previews . . . if we are annoyed with that.

Let’s start with a Shortcut: Sound when Charging

I love this one!  OK, sometimes I let my phone die.  I’m much better than I used to be.  But, once I desperately plug it in,  I wonder, is it charging?

IOS 14 to the rescue to let me know IMMEDIATELY that my phone is actually charging !


  1. Press the Shortcuts App icon
  2. At the bottom, select Automation
  3. Press Create Personal Automation
    • Note we can have more than one automation
    • If we later create another one, we need to press the + key at the top  and then Create Personal Automation
  4. Scroll down and press Charger
  5. Choose when we want to hear the sound.  For example:  Is Connected
  6. Press Next
  7. Press Add Action

Keep Going

  1. Ok, now this is fun . . . keep going. In the search box type Speak text
  2. Press the Speak Text icon
  3. Yea!  Now type what we want.  For example, something simple like “My phone is now charging
  4. Press Done
    • We can now press Play at the bottom to hear what it will sound like
  5. Press Next
  6. Turn off the Ask Before Running
  7. Press Don’t Ask
  8. Press Done
  9. Going forward, we will hear confirmation when our phone is charging.

I’ve Been Waiting for This!!

Let’s play and do one more Shortcut

This shortcut will allow us to hear a message when we turn on “Do Not Disturb”.

  1. Do the first (3) steps above to get in to Shortcuts and Automation
  2. This time choose Do Not Disturb
  3. Choose when we want to hear the message.  I chose Is Turned On so I would hear the message when I turn on “Do Not Disturb”
  4. Press Next
  5. Press Add Action
  6. Now follow through with the above steps 1-8 under “Keep Going”.
  7. Going forward, we will hear confirmation when  we turn on “Do Not Disturb”.

This is GREAT!

Widgets: this is a Gamer Changer

Widgets make our Home screen LESS MESSY!   A widget is special … larger than an icon . . . and shows information on our home screen instead of just an icon that clicks to an app.  It is a mini version of the app.   We no longer have to look at a home page with just icons.

Let’s get started

  1. Press and hold anywhere on your screen
  2. Press + at the top
  3. Choose your widget and that’s it!

But what if you don’t like the widgets that just come with the iPhone? What if you want something else?  No problem.  Go to the app store and look around. Developers have already started developing widgets.

Some Widget Ideas

To get you started, here’s some of my favorite widgets.

  1. Flip Clock
    • I really like having a widget that can show me the time and date  — it is much bigger than the little time stamp at the top of our iPhone.
  2. Sticky Widgets
    • It is great to be able to put a sticky note on our home screen.  It can help if we need an important reminder.
  3. Stocks
    • This comes with the iPhone, but it’s great to use it as a widget. We can have a quick glance without opening the stock app.
  4. Batteries
    • Same thing.  Comes with the iPhone, but it’s great to see the battery level graphically right there on our home screen.
    • AND it will also show the battery level of our Apple Watch if we have one.

I’ve Really Been Waiting for This !!


I have to mention a couple of privacy features.


Sometimes we turn on apps to know our location.  Now we can tone that down a bit.

  1. Press Settings
  2. Press Privacy
  3. Press Locations Services
  4. Now we can go in to the specific apps and chose to turn off Precise Location


Many of use use a Wi-Fi network at work or home.  Here’s something we can do to protect our privacy a little more.

  1. Press Settings
  2. Press Wi-Fi
  3. Press a specific network
  4. Here’s a new privacy feature in IOS 14 that we can use.  Turn on Private Address

Clean up deleted Images and get some space back

This is great but a little tricky.

Make sure that setting is turned on

  1. Press Settings
  2. Press Photos
  3. Turn on Hidden Album

Now completely delete the deleted photos

  1. Open the Photos app
  2. Press Albums at the bottom
  3. Under Utilities, press Recently Deleted.   There they are waiting to be completely deleted.

IOS 14

Some ios versions have new tricks . . . and some versions I didn’t really pay much attention to.

BUT IOS 14… this is worth checking out!

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