Keeper Password App (Part 2)-Simplified Help

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Keeper Password App – Key settings

In the last post, we set up the Keeper Password app.

Today, let’s talk about a few Tips we need to think about before using Keeper on our computer.

  1. We’ll need the Browser Extension to efficiently use Keeper on our computer.
  2. We’ll need Two-factor authentication if we want to step up security even more.
  3. Let’s consider having a Plan B if we forget our master password.

1. Browser Extension

Now, let’s make it easier to use Keeper when using our computer and a browserThis browser extension – called KeeperFill –will allow us to auto fill logins and passwords when we go to secure websites

  1. Set up Browser Extension KeeperFill
    1. Go to the Keeper website and click Download at the top,
    2. Click the KeeperFill tab.
    3. We then choose the browser we use Add
    4. We should now see the Keeper icon at the top of our browser.
      • If we don’t, in Chrome we’ll need to click the “see all extensions” icon and then click the Keeper icon to make it pinned.
  2. Have Keeper Stay Logged In?   We need to decide if we want Keeper to stay logged in or if we want Keeper to log itself out after a certain period of time.
    1. Now that the Keeper Browser is installed and we are logged in, click the Keeper icon.
    2. Click Settings / Security
    3. This screen allows us to make choices, one of which is to auto logout after a certain period of time.
  3. Optional step:  Disable Browser’s Password Saving Feature.  If we want to only use Keeper, and not allow the browser itself to save passwords, here are the instructions to disable Google Chrome.
    1. Click the 3 dots on the top of Chrome / Settings
    2. On the far left, click Autofill
    3. Password Manager
    4. Offer to Save passwords:  turn off.

2. Two-factor authentication

We can step up the security of the Keeper Password app by adding on Two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication allows us to add a second login requirement: along with our Master Password to Keeper, we will then need to do a second step to login.

  1. Set up Two-factor Authentication
    1.  First, let’s go to the Keeper website and log in.
    2. Click our email / Settings / Security 
    3. Toggle on Two-Factor Authentication
    4. Then we will see choices of what to use.
      • Choice Examples
        • Text. We can choose to have a code texted to a phone number
        • App.  We can choose to use Google Authenticator or Keeper DNA etc.
          • My note: I tried and tried to get their add-on Keeper DNA to work – –  I couldn’t get it to work on the Apple watch.
      • Notes
        • Once we set up an authenticator method, we can choose to require a code every login OR we can choose to save the code on a certain device forever.
        • After we finish this setup, Keeper will ask us to write down backup codes to use in case we are unable to receive Two-Factor codes .
  2. More choices for security . . . while we are on this page
    • Auto Approve Devices: We can choose to “Auto-Approve Devices from Recognized IP Addresses.
    • Auto Log out: We can choose to have Keeper log us out after a time period or never.

P.S. If we change the method of Two-Factor Authentication

  1. As I was writing this blog, I tested different methods for Two-Factor Authentication.
  2. After the testing, I changed back to the default method which is to use “texts”.
  3. When I did this, I got the backup codes as described above, but they flashed and disappeared. There was no way to write them down and save them.
  4. I finally chatted with Keeper.  They said, this is a known issue.  The fix:
    1. Since I was on the website.  The first thing was to turn OFF the Two-factor authentication completely.
      • Then I was told to stop using the website for now.
    2. Then I was instructed to open the Keeper Desktop App — that’s right, the Desktop app that we got in Keeper Blog #1.
      • Then I was told I could set up the Two-factor authentication for “texts” with the the exact steps as above.
    3. Yea!  The codes came and stayed – and I could write them down and save them!  (Hopefully Keeper will fix this glitch.)

3. What if we forget our Master Password?

The Master Password is critical.  It is what gets us in to Keeper Password app.  During set up, we were allowed to set up an Account Recovery question that would help us if we ever forgot our Master Password.   If we didn’t set it up then, we can set it up now.

It is called Keeper Account Recovery at times in their documents.

  1. Go to the Keeper website and log in.
  2. Click our email / Settings / Security Question


One more Tip:  Emergency Access

If we know another Keeper user, we can designate them as an Emergency Contactg:

  1. Click our email / Account/
  2. Emergency Access

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