Keeper Password App on the iPhone (Part 3)

Keeper App for iPhone. Pic of iPhone with mobile banking screen

In Keeper Blog #1  we talked about the Last Pass Password App hack of 2022.  We then signed up with Keeper.

In Keeper Blog #2  we continued to set up Keeper on the computer and talked about some additional tips like how to set up two-factor authentication.

Now for Part 3: Let’s set up Keeper on the iPhone.

Get Keeper App on our iPhone

  1. The first step is what we normally do when we want a new app on the iPhone:  visit the Apple App Store.
    1. Click on the App Store icon.
    2. Search for Keeper Password Manager and install the app.
  2. Now Login with email and password we set up in Keeper Blog #1.
  3. Done !

Review iPhone Settings

We set up two-factor authentication in Keeper Blog #2  which is a key setting. Here are a few more settings to review on our iPhone.

  1. On the iPhone, open the Keeper app.
  2. Click Settings at the bottom right.
  3. Biometric Login: Make sure to toggle on if we want to use Face ID to log into Keeper.
  4. Default Browser: choose a default Browser.
  5. Edit Order: choose how we would like to order our information.
  6. Note: If you didn’t set up two-factor authentication via the computer in Blog #2 and want to set it up via the iPhone, you are at the screen you need to be at:
    • Toggle on Two Factor Authentication. 
    • Go through the set up.

Now let’s get Keeper Fill on our iPhone

See Keeper Blog #2 about Keeper Fill – we set this up if we want Keeper to auto fill logins and passwords at websites we visit.

On our computer we downloaded a separate app to make this work.  On the iPhone, it’s a little different. We actually go to the iPhone settings (not the Keeper settings).

  1. Open Settings of the iPhone (yes, iPhone settings not settings in Keeper).
  2. Passwords.
  3. Password Options.
  4. Toggle on AutoFill Passwords.
  5. Allow Filling From: Keeper.
  6. Set up Verification Codes Using: Keeper.
  7. P.S. Also this is a good time to uncheck any other password manager you are switching from.


Now, when we use an app to login (for example: a bank app) or go to a website to login, we will see the word “Passwords” above the keyboard.  We can then tap Passwords and it will launch Keeper Fill and auto fill the login information for us.

Good Luck with Keeper & Keeping Passwords Safe !

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