How to delete LastPass – they got hacked (4 of 4)

Delete LastPass ?

LastPass got hacked in 2022 and the other 3 posts have led to this one. LastPass says it’s OK, other articles say it’s not OK. If you want to leave LastPass, keep reading.

  • In Keeper Blog #1  we talked about the Last Pass Password App hack of 2022.  We then signed up with Keeper.
  • In Keeper Blog #2  we continued to set up Keeper on the computer and talked about some additional tips like how to set up two-factor authentication.
  • In Keeper Blog #3  we set up Keeper on the iPhone.

Now for Part 4: Delete LastPass.

Make sure you are ready to Delete LastPass

  1. First thing: make sure you have downloaded your information from LastPass.  If you didn’t do this in the first blog of this series:
  2. Take a pause to double-check the LastPass export.
    • I did notice on mine: I had an attachment of an insurance card and it did not bring that over to Keeper.
    • I also noticed that I had shared a couple passwords to a shared LastPass user and that notation did not appear when it came over to Keeper.

Actually Delete LastPass (via Computer)

This is where is gets serious.  It’s quick, but serious.

  1. On our computer, login in to LastPass using our master password.
    1. I just clicked the LastPass icon I’ve always used on the computer.
    2. If you don’t use the computer much, go to the LastPass website and login.
    3. Note: Some instructions will tell you to go directly to the Delete LastPass website.
      1. I received an error
      2. Once I logged in to LastPass, I was good to go.
  2. Go to Delete LastPass website.
    • Note: this is different than the LastPass website.
  3. Go to the middle of the screen where it says “Delete Your Account” and press Delete
  4. A pop up window asks: Do you remember your LastPass master password?
    1. Yes
    2. If you don’t, follow the instructions for No.
  5. A form will appear.
    1. Fill in our email and master password.
    2.  Check why we are deleting.
      1. I chose “I have security concerns”
      2. At this point, I don’t think there is any point explaining . . . they know the press coverage on them being hacked in 2022.
    3. Delete
  6. Are you sure?
    • Yes
  7. Another popup telling us this is serious and it’s our Last change to change our mind!
    • Yes
  8. We then received a confirmation that “Your LastPass account has been permanently deleted and all of your data has been purged from our systems”

Un-Install LastPass on Browser

We will delete the browser extension as we have deleted other extensions.  On Chrome:

  1. Right-click on the Last Pass icon
    1. which should have turned from red to black
  2. Remove from Chrome
  3. Remove

Don’t forget: Remove LastPass from Phone

Here are the steps for the iPhone. If you have another type of phone, the steps will be the same ones you have used before to delete an app.

  1. Last Pass

    1. Find the Last Pass icon
    2. Double check by trying to login. It should Fail.
    3. Press and hold the icon Remove App
    4. Delete App
    5. Delete
  2. Last Pass Authenticator

    1. Find the Last Pass Authenticator icon
    2. Press and hold Remove App
    3. Delete App
    4. Delete

Good Luck with Keeping Passwords Safe !

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