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Tips brought to you from Barb Brady. I am an accountant that specializes in accounting and advising for small businesses. I bring you tips about a variety of small business topics. Entrepreneur Accounting Tips will help you if you need help with accounting but don’t know where to start.

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Things to do so you don’t trust your bookkeeper too much

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"Trust too much?" At first this may seem like an odd statement: DON'T trust your bookkeeper too much!  Accountants, and I am one, are usually stating the importance of accounting, so why would I even say this? Yes, I think accounting is critical in business.  Knowledge is power. But I am not talking about accounting.  [...]

Entrepreneur: How to Fix These Top Accounting Mistakes

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"I should look for these accounting mistakes now?" As an accountant to small businesses, I find myself frequently saying to clients: "Here's some basic accounting tasks you should consider doing right away to protect your business".  They may  not be eager to talk about it, but it's an important conversation.  And with a basic plan [...]

Entrepreneur: 3 Key Tips to Help You Choose an Accountant

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"How do I even begin to choose an accountant?" You may think accounting is frustrating, PAINFUL, and a necessary evil that you wish was unnecessary. But at some level you know that understanding your numbers is important.  You know that knowledge of where your money goes will better protect you both personally and professionally. But [...]

For Entrepreneurs Who Are Finally Going to Focus On Accounting!

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"I'm tired of Accounting Chaos!" Many times small businesses put off accounting. It takes time and may be frustrating.  But you may get to the point where you finally say: "Fine, I need to get a better handle on knowing my numbers". When you started down the accounting path, did you have these thoughts? Hey, [...]